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Register to trade at the Broome Markets!

We are always on the lookout for new locally handmade arts and crafts to be showcased at the Broome markets.

All of the applications are reviewed by the BCSA Inc. committee on a monthly basis and based on the quality, uniqueness and product mix to enhance the markets.

Preference is given to self-made, local made crafts and services. Commercial imported products and franchise based products are subject to approval.

Please read our rules and regulations prior to applying for the markets. and complete the online application form below.


How do I get a stall at the Broome Markets?

Casual stallholders are welcome at all Broome Markets. Stallholder sites are subject to availability and priority is given to Broome locals who make their own products. All casual stallholders must register online at least 30 days before you wish to trade. Your completed application will be processed and reviewed by the BCSA committee and you will be sent a link for online payment if successful. No sites are allocated on the market day and payment must be made prior to market day. Power is not available at the Courthouse markets and generator sites are limited. Power is available to those stall holders with a gazebo at the Thursday night markets and Staircase markets.

When will I get a reply?

You will receive a reply after the committee has reviewed your application at the monthly committee meeting. Due to the high number of applications we receive we are unable to give individual feedback.
You can re-submit another application if unsuccessful, providing you have changed your product offering significantly.

What are the stall costs?

The cost of having a casual stall are given in the table below.

How are stallholder spots allocated?

Stall holder spots are allocated the week prior to the market date. You must inform the market manager a week in advance should you wish to trade. The email address is

If you have been accepted and allocated a stall, your payment link will include your stall allocation. Maps of the market stall allocations are given here.

How do I pay?

If you have been accepted to trade and registered for the market date, a payment link will be sent the week prior to the trading date. This link contains the amount and your stall allocation.

You can pay by credit card or direct deposit via the payment link. If no payment is received 2 days prior to market date, your site will be forfeited.

Cash is not accepted.

What do i need to bring?

Broome markets provide the site space ONLY. If you are able to bring your own umbrella or gazebo a greater selection of sites will be available to you. An umbrella or gazebo is not compulsory and the market coordinator will endeavour to allocate you a suitable site if it is available.

You must bring all your own equipment including tables, chairs and weights. Stall size must not exceed 3m x 3m unless permission is granted otherwise by the Market Manager.

All food vendors must obtain the appropriate licence from the Shire of Broome.

How do I get a stall at the Night Markets?

Casual stallholders are welcome at all Night Markets and are required to have completed the online application at least 30 days prior to the market they wish to attend for review by the committee.

Once approved, an online payment link will be sent out and a site allocated. We endeavour to allocate all sites prior to the markets starting. No sites are allocated on the day. Please see the Rules and Regulations for more information including registration fees and stall sizes. Power is available and included in your stall fees.

How do I become a member of Broome Community Stallholders Association?

Membership to Broome Community Stallholders Association is available to casual stallholders upon completion of nine out of 12 months trade at the Broome Courthouse Markets. Membership is made via application to BCSA Committee and forms are available on our website. Please see BCSA Rules and Regulations for all information regarding membership.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. As a minimum $10 million public liability insurance is required. Some products may also require product liability insurance.

You cannot trade without insurance BCSA Inc. can offer Public Liability insurance for $15 per market event.

Whats are the rules of the Broome markets?

Stallholders must abide by the terms and conditions and by-laws of BCSA Inc.

Stallholders who fail to abide by any of the terms and conditions and by-laws risk being banned from the market.

You must agree and accept our terms and conditions and by-laws when completing the application process.

Casual Stallholder Fees

Effective 7th April 2023

Courthouse Markets

Dry Season (April to October)
Saturday & Sunday – Non Member

General – 1 Table $31
General – 3×3 Marquee $70
Food vans & approved food tents $120
Drinks & Desserts $69

Courthouse Markets

Wet Season (November to March)
Saturday & Sunday – Non Member

General – 1 Table $22
General – 3×3 Marquee $44
Food vans & approved food tents $65
Drinks & Desserts $35

Night Markets

Thursday Night & Staircase Markets
(April to October) – Non Member

General – 1 Table $31
General – 3×3 Marquee $83
Food vans & approved food tents $189
Drinks & Desserts $94


  1. A one table set up is a maximum of 2.4m of frontage including any display items.
  2. A 3mx3m stall is a maximum area of 3m x 3m including any display items and large enough for a 3mx3m gazebo.