BCSA Governance

The Broome Community Stallholders Association (BCSA) Committee has the responsibility of overseeing all markets operated by BCSA. The Committee meets on a monthly basis and these meetings are open to all members of BCSA. The Committee comprises of 10 voluntary member stallholders who serve a two-year term:

Chairperson: Leonie WallisĀ 

Vice-Chairperson: Denis Kearsley

Treasurer: Gianna Cortese

Secretary: Sally Malone

Committee Member: Pamela Lampard

Committee Member: Maggie MacFie

Committee Member: Clare Howard

Committee Member: Magnolia Howard

Committee Member: Lorraine Watts

Committee Member: Maria LuttgensĀ 


All committee members were appointed following elections by a quorum of BCSA members at the Annual General Meeting of BCSA. Each committee member has a strong local association and a love of markets. You can communicate directly with the Committee here.

The next Committee meeting will occur on 22 October 2019.