• Libby Lou Japanese Paper Jewellery

    Libby-Lou Japanese Paper Jewellery is handmade by Libby Vincent. Traditional Japanese paper varieties such as Yuzen (sometimes called Chiyogami) are made from a base paper consisting primarily of mulberry (kozo) fibres and wood pulp. It is the strength, softness and pliability of the mulberry bark that gives Yuzen its unique qualities and makes it particularly suited to craft work. Although the base paper is machine made, printing is carried out by a hand silk screened process and is the reason that Yuzen is often referred to as “washi” or “handmade paper”. The delicate patterns are repeated throughout the length of the paper sheet and often mirror authentic kimono prints.
  • Broometime Jewellery

    We sell fashion jewellery consisting of freshwater pearl with sterling silver and stainless steel.
  • Dahlia Designs

    Dahlia Designs was established in Broome in 2004. We design a range of jewellery with Australian themes using various metals and materials including sterling silver and pearls
  • Lush Designs

    Designer Julie Nicholas has been showcasing her collection in Broome since 2007. Her designs are inspired by her love of the ocean, the beaches and the natural beauty of the pearl. We are sure you will enjoy the beauty of these individual pieces as much as Julie enjoyed designing and selecting the pearls. Each pearl is an individual as you are.
  • The Courthouse Collection

    Bridget Liddell has assembled an original, affordable and desirable collection of pearl jewellery. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift or treating yourself, our unique range has something for you – elegant and classic, modern, and always stunning!
  • Kimmie Designs

    Kimmie’s Jewellery Designs have grown through the inspiration of the Kimberley region of Australia. Broome, a town which has its origins in the pearling industry, is also home to the Boab Tree and the Staircase to the Moon, and these are featured in some of the designs you will find at Kimmie’s market stall.