The Planetarians

The Planetarians Co was born in 2020 to redefine the way we think about topical nutrition. Leading the way in a new industry standard for the cosmetic market, we focus on skin health over skin care. We strive to create a synergy between people, product and environment without compromising on long term health. Our products are undiluted, pure and contain only the highest quality of native Australian ingredients.

We strongly believe in giving back to people and the planet. We continue to strive towards creating a holistic company that not only helps the direct consumer but also the wider community and environment. Our core values of education and regeneration are reflected in our community involvement, giving back initiatives and of course, our products. 

  • 5% of profits donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

  • 5% of Profits donated to the native wildlife rescue

  • 1 native tree planted with every order placed through 1 tree planted

Host: Brit & Jacob

Website: The Planetarians

Instagram:  The Planetarians