From Miles Away

Allysha Cartledge, Fine Art Photography & Matt Deakin, From Miles Away come together to create Broome Aerial Art at the Broome Markets. This talented duo cover all aspects of Kimberley wildlife & landscape in beautiful print form that is the perfect print size to take a piece of The Kimberley home with you.

Allysha is currently based in The Kimberley Region of Western Australia but was born in Perth. A talented nature photographer, her passion for Aerial Photography has grown immensely since living in Broome as the unique Kimberley landscape continues to inspire her. Allysha has captured some incredible wildlife prints that you can find at the Broome Markets or online.

Matt, originally from England, uses the latest in both handheld and drone technology to capture ultra high resolution digital imagery with an obvious passion for the colours and scenery of the Kimberley. You can take home your very own piece of our ancient coastline with his mesmerising prints that are available at the Broome Market or online bellow.

Host: Allysha Cartledge & Matt Deakin

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