Unfurl Clothing

Unfurl was born in 2002, whilst travelling through remote Australian country, in a modest eco bus with two wild and delicious young children, a sewing machine, and nothing but the majesty and veracity of the uninhibited landscape.

From a young age, Monica was captivated by the nature of form through textile. Sitting by her German Oma, and watching as she and a group of other new immigrants shared stories and sewed pieces of fabric together, she felt the pull to tap in to her own abundant creativity. She’d often get lost gazing at her Mama, Ingrid, as she revealed herself through clothing and adornments, which encapsulated her own unique sense and expression of grace and elegance.

Monica travels to Thailand, India, Nepal and Indonesia, hand picking each and every textile, ensuring the quality and feel compliments her designs, so that both integrate perfectly into each garment story.

Unfurl Apparel is now based in the tropics of Broome, Western Australia. Set against the back drop of low lying mangroves as they gently fall in line with the tides of aqua blue, and the warm, ochre pindan earth, Unfurl designs have adapted to suit balmy nights and sultry breezes.

Host: Monica Wager