Body & Soul

  • Thai Touch Massage

    Experience a traditional Thai massage. Relax for 10 minutes or for an hour. Great if you are suffering a sore neck or back and have ten minutes spare. At Thai Touch Massage the ancient massage traditions of Thailand are complemented by modern anatomical knowledge and presented with the grace, style and friendliness that Thai people are renowned for. We offer: express massage, foot massage, head massage, relaxation, Thai oil, Traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage.
  • Gypsy Tarot

    Pedro Mozsi left Slovakia at the age of 28 and entered Austria as a political refugee. He has called Broome home for the past 25 years. He is a renowned painter and illustrator and will occasionally display a selection of his painting at the markets. Printed postcards of his work are also available. At the age of 16 Pedro was entrusted with the task of recreating his family Gypsy Tarot cards and it has taken him many years to fulfil this task. He is available for readings at the Courthouse Markets.
  • Tattoos

    Airbrushed tattoos individually sprayed. Unique designs and beautifully applied.
  • White Light Crystal Healings

    Feeling tired, overworked or have an overactive mind? David Llewellyn provides alternative therapy using cystals to harmonise the mind, body, spirit and emotions. A Crystal Healing can help to increase our feelings of well-being, neutralise negativity, lift depression and help us to become integrated and whole human beings again. A variety of intence and new age products are also available.
  • Boab Massage

    Seated back massage under the Boab tree.