Kimberley Wild Gubinge

Known as Gubinge, Madoorr or Madoorroo by the Bardi people of the West Kimberley Coast, often called the Kakadu Plum, the fruit is the highest natural source of Vitamin C on Planet Earth.

Here at KWG we are committed to creating the World’s Finest Kakadu Plum products and providing our customers with beautiful products they can trust to be the most ethical, social and environmentally responsible. As Stewards of the Land we are compelled to create our products with the lowest carbon footprint and to actively practise our cultural land care. KWG is committed to providing real economic opportunities for Aboriginal people in our community and the wider region through preserving and promoting cultural food knowledge. By only sourcing our fruit from the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia, customers are assured of the Provenance of our product. Through investing in scientific analysis of our KWG products and storing them in Industry Best Practise methods customers are guaranteed what they are buying.

Host: Lenny O’Meara